Lolly’s Story 2017-07-06T23:39:08+00:00

Who was Lolly?

Lolly Camp is more than a mission, it’s a way for our founder, Darby, to honor her grandmother, Linda Mary Perkins (Jacobsen) Jay, or “Lolly” as she was known to her grandchildren. Lolly was kind. Extraordinarily generous. Always fun. She understood children and knew how to make even the shortest of visits into memorable adventures. Her grandchildren adored her and could not wait to visit “Lolly Camp.”

Lolly invented “Lolly Camps” as summertime activities with her grandchildren. These were always focused on arts and craft activities rather than technology-based. Days at Lolly Camp would be spent creating and developing rather than watching. Laughing and in-person interactions rather than texting or emailing. Hands-on fun was very important to Lolly, and the fun found in her camps are some of Darby’s most cherished memories.

While Lolly has sadly left this Earth, her memory will live on in everyone she touched and in the joy her inspiration brings to children everywhere!