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About Lolly Camp

What is Lolly Camp? Formed in 2015 as part of our founder, Darby Bouweiri’s Girl Scout Gold program, we’re an organization that brings arts and crafts activity baskets to hospitalized children. We understand that hospitals can be scary – and boring – places for children and it’s our mission to bring a little joy and fun to their stays. We accomplish this through our activity baskets that include items such as Play-Doh, markers, glue, craft projects, crayons, and more. Each basket is designed for a child aged 4-12 years old.

Darby’s Lolly Camp vision is to couple activity baskets with personal visits by her fellow Girl Scouts. By completing Lolly Camp’s mission steps, Girl Scouts can earn their own Lolly Camp badge.

Through compassion, many smiles, and a basket full of fun, Lolly Camp hopes to improve the lives of young patient hospital visits.